Friday, May 1, 2009

Which CAM Practice is Most Stupid?

Homeopathy is a top contender for the stupidest of CAMs. But there's a newer variety of CAM that might be even dumber: energy patches.

Energy patches are fancy stickers you attach to your skin or perhaps to certain items. The patches ward off ebil and promote teh goodness.


"The Aura Patch is a small metalized energy patch that attaches to the body and presents a field of supportive and restorative energy back into the body’s energetic field. The AuRA patches are an energy delivery system. They provide specific energy patterns that are found in people with abundant good health. By restoring these energy patterns, we have observed a positive change in people’s health. The patches are programmed with completely natural frequencies with no negative side-effects. There is no chemistry that passes through the skin. This is the same energy that is found inside the healthiest people on earth. "


Maybe I'll cash in with my own brand of healing patches. I'll have them inscribed with the lucky Chinese proverb: "Wa ta goo siam."

1 comment:

  1. "Energy patches? Why yes, doctor, the margins will be much better than with those stupid copper bracelets we've been recommending."

    Benway, we need to create a think tank to dream up our own ridiculous CAM products and practices, and then infiltrate the CAM world with meticulously wrought misleading studies of our fake stupid modalities and see what sticks. Catch them with their pants down, so to speak.