Friday, November 19, 2010

Launch an exciting career as a moonbat health coach!

Not content with his role as patient zero for the outbreak of "integrative medicine" within our medical schools, Andrew Weil is now recruiting an army of young people, GED in hand, to guide the rest of us toward better food choices and spiritual practice.

Apparently a certificate in food woo can be earned in only six months at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. A graduating "nutritionist" can then hang a shingle by the door and begin seeing patients, likely with the zeal typical of most MLM drones.

I'm sorry America. But this is what you get when you stop paying attention in science class.

Added: Stumbled across this other video featuring David Wolfe. OMFG, what a moran.

For one, he says, "Lyme's disease" rather than "Lyme disease." And he says its caused by a genetically modified organism that escaped from a scientist's lab during the 1970s in Lyme CT.

This dude reminds me of LRH --a big blowhard talking bollocks, but with conviction and certainty.

Misinformation like this makes Americans more stupid.

Scientists discover Scientology is true

100% trufax! Who could have imagined?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Testimony of a fair game operative

The bad guys did this stuff to Dr. Lily von Marcab.

We will not forgive.

We will not forget.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Scientologists are after us, dude! RUN!!!


They cannot hold us here at this 'effing place. They can not do that. This is freakin' America and they cannot do that shit.

For all you Scientology people man...

This a bad look, man; this a bad look.

You cannot be doing this to me. Please, do not do this again. It's a bad look.

Not only a bad look for me. It's a bad look for you. It's a bad look for the kids, y'know. Just a bad look overall. Do not do that stuff, please.

Turn the light on. Do not go dumb on me. Please.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Monkey Majik - Change

Bumped into this. Hadn't heard shamisen in a rock context before and I was intrigued by the masks. A nod to Anonymous?

Say, is that guy at 3:50 walking "three feet behind the head" of the protagonist? And are those Sumo guys doing "Tunak Tunak Tun"?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Srsly, the Republican party has been taken over by loonies.  Don't feel guilty for being lazy and not reading up on all the candidates.  Just vote for anyone who isn't a Republican.  DOO EEEET NAOOO!!!

Then there is Sharron Angle, the closet Scientologist.  "I'll answer those questions when I'm the senator."  Smells like "the Secret," amirite?  Say it aloud and the universe will make it so.

Journalists represent us, the people.  They're our eyes and ears.  They ask questions we might ask.  But curiously over the past couple of decades, politicians have discovered that they can dismiss journalists without shame, without paying any political price.  They need only imply via a smirk or a wink that that the questioner is biased.  That needs to change ASAP.

Grass Mud Horse

An old story, but it cheers me up so I'mma remember it here.

The Chinese government has the most sophisticated software "Net Nanny" on the planet, yet this video and other stories of the "grass mud horse" get by.  In Mandarin the written characters for "grass mud horse" when spoken aloud, "cao ni ma," can be heard as, "fuck your mother."

The spoken phrase for the written characters "river crabs" sounds very much like "harmony," a euphemism for censorship in China. President Hu Jintaos regularly encourages Chinese citizens to create a "harmonious society."  Bloggers who've had to re-write a post say they've been "harmonized." 

The friendly grass-mud horse has become an icon of resistance to censorship among Chinese netziens.