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Tarvuism: It's so easy to join!

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Hana Whitfield: Commodore Hubbard's Tyranny at Sea

From the Hamburg Symposium March 26, 2010.

Transcript, part I:

My name is Hana Eltringham Whitfield and, just to give you a brief biography, I was a Scientologist and a Sea Org member for over twenty-two years. I captained two of Hubbard's ships and ran many of his organizations. He took on the title of Commodore in 1967 and I served as Deputy Commodore under him in the United States for two years. I held many subsequent positions.

The account of my personal disillusionment and departure from Scientology is another story, but since I left the group in 1984 my husband and I have helped hundreds of families retrieve their children, their spouses and their parents from this group. It was our way of giving back [1:00] and that work continues.

I'm speaking today to offer my insight on this organization. When Hubbard released his first book, Dianetics, and then started Scientology, he created a unique culture, a totalitarian culture based on his claims: these being that he alone was perfect; he never made mistakes; everything he said and wrote was correct and he was the source of the only technology that could deliver mankind from its problems. Everyone else was less evolved or, as he put it, "raw meat," and in need of the salvation that only Scientology could provide.

All ideas and methods that opposed his own were wrong or evil and had to be destroyed. This same culture permeates Scientology today and we hear it repeatedly [2:00] from its spokespersons. Hubbard's policy of "Always attack, never defend" makes it impossible for the organization to admit wrongdoing, and it is as if Hubbard actually were still alive. It is this culture that has everything to do with what is going on in Scientology today and it will continue unless other forces can be brought to bear.

I joined Scientology in 1965. I did some basic training, I was a registered nurse, I was looking for some answers. I went to England and I trained there, in 1966, to the highest levels available. And, I don't feel so good about it now, but I was 'Clear' number sixty. Throughout that training I became... my aculturization to Scientology began. It took the training, it took some processing [3:00], it took those experiences -- both the knowledge and the personal experiences in the auditing -- to make me become a true believer. I now regret the years I spent in Scientology but there's no going back, so this is a way of helping.

Very soon after that Hubbard started the Sea Project, in August of 1967, in Las Palmas. I was one of thirty-five people invited to join, simply because of my training and expertise level. There was nothing special about me, but thirty-five of us joined him in Las Palmas to form the Sea Project and to help him better the world and salvage the planet. I found very quickly that he did not live up to his claims in his books and tapes at all. [4:00] I found he angered easily; he had temper tantrums that went on for hours and hours. Sometimes he would throw things against the side of the ship.

I did not see the contradictions at that early time. I did not see -- between his writing and his acts -- I could not see the contradiction. I was already in love with the ideal that Hubbard presented. I was in love with the goals of his organization. And I was in love with what I thought I could contribute to bettering mankind. And let me tell you that that sets up a state of mind in a person, well, you know what it's like to be in love. You see nothing wrong with your girlfriend or your boyfriend. They're perfect. It's the same phenomena that happens in Scientology when someone [5:00] joins. You cannot see the wrong, and that is what is so bad about this organization, and I think -- from a retrospective point of view now -- that Hubbard knew that and that's why he set it up the way he did.

Hubbard did have some good points; he had many good points. For example, he helped me to achieve the positions I achieved and did in Scientology. However, on the dark side, he also introduced all of us -- and indeed he thrust us -- into his practices of cruelty, inhumanity, abuse and punishment, all of which he systematically reframed as positive and as requirements for enlightenment.

On the ship he soon appointed me as Master at Arms, which is like an Ethics Officer, a person in charge of ethics and morals, [6:00] and my first assignment came very quickly; I received a hand-written about an electrician, an Australian called Terry Dickinson. Terry had failed to get a radio to the ship within a certain period of time, and this order said that Terry was to stay awake until the radio was on board and operating. If he fell asleep he would never again eat with the crew, talk with the crew, or sleep below deck. He would be literally excommunicated -- by that time we had signed billion-year contracts -- so, for a naive person, he would be in that state for a billion years.

I was so shocked; I could not let Terry fail and I vowed to stay awake with him, because he was my responsibility, for as long as it took to get that radio on board. [7:00] When it got very bad after the third day I would sometimes push food down his throat; I would make sure he had water and in the middle of the night, when he cried and said he could not go on, I made him walk up and down the beach. So I put Terry -- I'm guilty in my first little assignment in the Sea Org, of great abuse on Terry Dickinson and I hope that someday he can forgive me. We did make it; the radio came on board and I sent Terry off to sleep.

During this time LRH, as we called him, or Hubbard, lived in a villa outside Las Palmas. Yvonne Jentzsch, another Sea Org member, lived with him; she was in charge of his public relations. And Yvonne told me later on that Hubbard, many many times, approached her sexually and wanted to have a sexual relationship with her even though [8:00] she was married and even though his wife, Mary Sue, came to visit from time to time. Eventually, to get away, Yvonne requested an assignment ashore somewhere in an organization away from the ship, and she was sent to Los Angeles to start the first Celebrity Center.

Soon after that Hubbard appointed me as captain of the 150-foot trawler called the Avon River, and almost immediately OT III was released. I think you all know OT III, with the body spirits on you and the evil ruler Xenu who sent us all to this planet; I won't go into the story. All of us were ordered to read the material and apply it. And I opened the pack and I read the material and I could not believe that I was supposed to apply this to myself. [9:00]

From that point on, until I left in 1984, I struggled with that material. I struggled day by day by day, because I could not apply it. Of course, the fault wasn't Hubbard's; the fault was mine, and I had to keep looking within myself for the fault that was keeping me from understanding the materials and applying them correctly. And that's when my headaches started.

Transcript, part II:

And from that point on they got worse and worse and worse and I was, finally, never without a headache for the rest of my Sea Org career. They are now gone. I mean, they started to go after I left. And I associated with the mental trauma one has to go through in applying some of those techniques when they do not apply to you. And the most important thing about this is that we... our right to speak out was taken away in Scientology. Our right to express an opinion was not just limited by Hubbard's policy; it was totally obliterated. Everything you find fault with in Scientology is put back on you; it is not a fault of the organization.

A little bit later, after that, one of our crew members was assigned the condition of Liability -- the first time [1:00] in the Sea Org. She had to wear a grey rag. She had a great big black mark on her cheek. She was excommunicated from the crew. She had to eat her food on deck -- if the cook would give her any -- until she had met certain conditions and she could come back into good standing with the rest of the crew.

A little while after that Hubbard assigned his big ship, the Apollo, the condition of Liability for the entire ship and all the crew. And those crew sailed out of Valencia Harbor with a grey material tied around the funnel of the ship, all the crew with grey rags and those grey marks on their cheeks, and the ship had to go out on its own and make good what it had done wrong; it was not allowed to communicate with Hubbard or the other ships. It was on its own. And I [2:00] remember seeing that ship sail out with that grey material around the funnel and I said to myself, "This is going to cause a lot of trouble in the port with the Spaniards, and the people in the harbor who do not understand what's going on." And sure enough, from that point on, our little ship went around after the big one cleaning up all the messes in each port, the misunderstandings of what Hubbard was creating.

Then came the chain lockers. I don't know if you all know what a chain locker is. It is a big steel compartment, in the front of the ship, where the anchor chain is curled up when the anchor is out of the water. And it's dark in there; it is cold, and when you're out on the ocean it's freezing and it's damp. Hubbard started putting people in there for punishment. The first one he put in was a four-year-old boy, Derek Greene. Derek [3:00] had to be in there for five days and five nights, and the little boy was put in with just his normal clothes. He was not given extra blankets, extra clothing, and the worst thing of all -- he was given food -- he was not allowed to go to the bathroom. He was left in there like that for five days and five nights.

It brings on a... excuse me. I was there when it happened. [pauses for about 10 seconds]

Even worse, Felice Greene -- Derek's mother -- was on deck pleading with Hubbard to let her child out and all he said was... [accepts a glass of water] ... all he said was, [4:00] "Children are really adults in children's bodies. They know what they've done. He knows what he's done," and he turned away from the mother. You would say to yourself "Why didn't you do anything? Why didn't you speak out?" You see, I was a true believer. I believed that Hubbard knew what he was doing. I, unfortunately, believed that he knew what it was going to take to help everyone in the world and that, even though I didn't understand, it was my duty to follow and support what he was doing and none of us spoke out. None of us did anything.

I have many more things to talk about; I think my time is almost up. I will go through a few very quickly. The overboards -- throwing people overboard -- started soon after that. The first [5:00] person who did something stupid was thrown from the flying bridge, four stories down, into the water. Shortly after that in Corfu, Greece people were thrown overboard in a ceremony every day; it became a normal thing -- ninety-two, ninety-five meters down into the dirty harbor water. When LRH, Hubbard -- who watched every day -- saw the "sinners" enjoying themselves -- they would march to the, they would march up and jump into the water -- and when he saw them enjoying themselves he ordered their hands tied behind their back. Then, a week later, he ordered their feet tied as well. And then maybe a week later he ordered them blindfolded as well. And I watched as a sixty-year-old lady was thrown overboard, and she screamed all the way down into the water. And when the sound stopped Hubbard looked interested [6:00] for the first time and sent two deck hands overboard to make sure she was ok and help her back on board.

His rages continued. At times I heard from his cabin sounds like dishes, objects being thrown against the bulkhead. He started physically beating people as well, which I've heard is something David Miscavige does. There was one young man who was assigned to the bottom of the ship, into the bilges where the waste oil and water collects from the ship, from the engine room, and Hubbard liked to send people down there to clean out the mudboxes, as they are called. And again, Michael Douglas was down there for several days, not allowed any sleep, not allowed to go to the bathroom, not allowed any toilet paper, and he was fed meager meals. Allowed no sleep.

Did one of us question [7:00] how denying someone going to the toilet would help their salvation? Did one of us ask how denying somebody toilet paper would help? Not one, and I'm truly ashamed to tell you that today. And the only thing I can tell you is that this is the totalitarian organization that Hubbard created. This is the culture he created. Once you are in that culture you do not think logically. Your logical thought processes are turned off; you are committed to his ideals, his vision of the future, and you pardon everything he does.

And I'm going to end it off at that point. I would like to say that, a final word about people who do manage [8:00] to get out of the organization. When I walked out of the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater in 1982, I had no one to go to. I had no family in the United States. I had no friends. I was a Declared Suppressive. I had no money. I did not drive a car. And that is what kept me from leaving for years, because I constantly had the thought in my background for years: "I need to leave. Something is not right."

But the fear of going out on my own to no one, nowhere, with nothing, kept me from doing that. The only thing that pushed me into that, finally, was the fact that I thought I was going crazy. The pain in my head was so bad I could not work, and I was starting to get what I call almost "two Hanas." There were two parts of me. Once a little... at one time [9:00] I would be one, at one time I would be another and in agreement with Scientology, and then I would flip back to the other one who knew I had to leave. And that scared the hell out of me. And that was when I finally said "I'm out of here" and it took me three months to leave; it was very arduous.

Thank you so much. I want to thank Ursula; I want to gratefully thank the state of Hamburg and thank you to the wonderful Anonymous people who are here. You are a joy to see. Thank you.

The Shrinking World of L Ron Hubbard

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Why I Got Out

Good production values.  Slightly misleading, in that an audio recording of Tommy Davis talking about Marty Rathbun beating people is used to make it seem like he's talking about Miscavige beating people.  No biggie though, since all the top dawgs are a bit slappy in that organization.

Physical violence that doesn't result in death or permanent injury is a minor complaint against Scientology.  However, sometimes the minor complaints are the ones that matter (e.g., Al Capone and tax evasion).

This bit has the details:

Epic Fail Guy

Yay! I figured out how to post animated gifs.

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Scientology Beats a Boy at Mace-Kingsley Ranch

"LRH has written two policies on it and it applies in your case."

16 December 2008

This cult approved assault was recorded in or around Sep. 1988 at the Mace/Kingsley ranch school on W. Ave R8 in Palmdale, CA., by another inmate. The voices belong to Wally Hanks, Mike Miller, and a homeless non-scientologist named Eric, and of course Marco C., whom was not blameless, but did not deserve this insanity. I don't know his whereabouts now, but the last place I found any record of Marco was in Clearwater, Fl. which happens to be where the Cult of Scientology has it headquarters. He may have joined the Sea Org. Anyone who knew Wally and hears this recording, will recognize the voice and the terminology. I feel some guilt for sitting on it for so long, but had the Cult found out, I would have been subject to fair game policies and driven to an early grave. I am still at risk, as the people involved have much to hide, and have a history of over the top retaliation.

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Anonymous: The People of the Internet

Scientology's method of judicial tampering

Scientology's foolproof method of judge tampering
[September 30, 1998]

I recently spent about 20 hours interviewing a Scientology defector named Jesse Prince about his experiences in the leadership of Scientology. He was second in command of all Scientology's operations worldwide. In these conversations we talked about many of Scientology's covert criminal activities decreed by Scientology's top executives and law firms. One area of particular interest was how Scientology secretly tampers with judges and doesn't get caught.

I have already submitted to the FBI the names of certain judges who were tampered with, along with other information from my interviews with Jesse Prince , but I am somewhat conflicted about making this information public. On one hand, Scientology's judge-tampering tactics are so effective and ingenious that once they are public I believe other ruthless organizations will soon begin using them. On the other hand, to conceal these tactics would corrupt critical ongoing litigation involving Scientology around the world. Notwithstanding this conflict, I will continue.

To understand Scientology's methods of judge tampering, one must be aware of the `sacred scripture' behind Scientology's notorious intimidation tactics. It is called The Art of War by Sun Tzu. This text, written in China more than 2,400 years ago regarding the planning of military operations, has been adopted by Scientology as a training manual for its staff. Scientology requires its intelligence division to know the text inside and out.

The Art of War describes tactics of knowing one's adversary, especially knowing his or her connections and vulnerabilities. According to my conversations with Jesse Prince along with knowledge I have acquired elsewhere, here is how Scientology uses Art of War tactics to tamper with judges and get away with it.

Step 1: Collect information necessary to blackmail the judge
According to Jesse, EVERY judge that sits on a Scientology case is the target of two types of data collection by Scientology's private investigators and attorneys. One is `overt data collection,' or `ODC'; the other is `covert data collection,' or `CDC'.

In overt data collection, every source of legally-obtainable information on the judge is tapped, and a complete profile on the judge is assembled including legal rulings, legal documents, personal and professional connections, and life history. With little concern of the cost, the judge is researched in utmost detail: what the judge likes and dislikes, where the judge eats, drinks, and plays. The judge's past and present friends, acquaintances, and colleagues are interviewed for `friendly' or "near invisible" information gathering.

While or after over data collection is being done, covert data collection is done as well. This process involves the illegal acquisition of documentation on the judge, including tax returns, phone records, bank records, medical records, credit card records, and any other private records. Again, cost seems to be no concern. These records are minutely reviewed for anything that could be as a source of leverage over or embarrassment for the judge. They are looking for information to signal the judge that someone knows enough about his or her life to cause ruin.

In addition to compiling the above records, covert data collection can also include confrontational interviews (as opposed to the `friendly' interviews during overt data collection) with the judge's past and present connections. Investigators now delve much more deeply into the judge's personal habits, indiscretions, embarrassments, and/or family problems. Anyone holding a grudge against the judge is particularly courted for damaging information as well as referrals to others with ill will for the judge.

The type of information investigators seek includes anything and everything that could prove damaging or embarrassing for the judge, such as: credit charges for pornography or sex services, illegal money handling or financial problems, conflicts of interest within judicial duties, connections to unsavory characters, and family, marital, mental, or medical problems.

Step 2: Reveal damaging information to the judge without putting Scientology at risk for tampering
This step is the real genius of Scientology's foolproof method of judge tampering. Here, they hire new people to go to the judge's personal and professional connections. Through seemingly innocuous conversations, in seemingly safe settings, Scientology's messengers speak to the judge's former law partners, former clerks, friends, ex-wives, girlfriends, golf buddies, bartenders, etc.

In these meetings, two important messages are to be conveyed by Scientology's hired messengers to the person affiliated with the judge. One, the judge's connection is given some subtle but disturbing piece of secret information regarding the judge's private life. And two, during another part of the conversation, Scientology is mentioned. The Scientology messenger either makes favorable comments about Scientology, or mentions "by the way" that they heard the judge was handling a Scientology case and the judge should go easy on Scientology because Scientology is such a good religious group.

The reaction on the part of the judge's connection to the disturbing revelation and subtle promotion of Scientology is predictable. The connection gets in touch with the judge and inquires about the rumor. The judge likely wants to know who delivered the information and may or may not discover that Scientology came up in the discussion.

What makes this a truly powerful tactic for leveraging the judge is that rather than coming in one sudden single impact, it comes through a number of impacts, accumulating and compounding the distress caused to the judge. The judge will not hear potentially damaging information from only one acquaintance, but rather from many, interspersed over time, each relaying a different alarming personal secret. After a number of these calls, the judge begins to confirm fears that someone can expose vulnerable spots. Sooner or later the judge also discovers that a favorable discussion of Scientology is always associated with each of the disclosures to the judge's connections.

A clever aspect of this subtle leveraging tactic is that Scientology cannot be connected to it. No one from Scientology is delivering the messages to the judge. It is the judge's own connections who are duped into delivering Scientology's messages, via their personal and legitimate concern for the judge's well-being.

The judge is stymied too. Obviously, there is no basis for turning in the friends and former associates to the authorities. Although as a group they in effect have delivered a veiled threat to the judge, they acted of their own volition and out of friendship or professional concern for the judge, they had no idea they were working on behalf of Scientology, and no single person delivered a message of intimidation complete enough to be a clear and obvious effort to tamper with the judge. The individual messages have presented a threat so subtle, the judge can't bring it to the attention of the authorities without seeming foolish or paranoid.

Therein lies the brilliance of Scientology's judge-tampering procedures. Only through the accumulation of partial messages do all pieces of the puzzle spell the clear threat: `Go easy on Scientology or every secret of your life will be exposed.' The threat looms, and yet it isn't connected to Scientology. The judge can't do anything about it.

Part 3: Entrapment
If the above tactics do not seem to alter the judge's rulings so that they are more favorable to Scientology's interests, the next step to take is covert entrapment operations. By this point, Scientology has accumulated all the information needed to set up the judge in a `sting' operation. One of their favorites is the sex sting. Scientology once spent over $260,000 to set up a judge on a yacht in Florida with two prostitutes. For more information on Scientology entrapping judges, go to Scientology's Policies Toward Its Adversaries (Scroll down to sections on judges).

Recently there have been some rulings so bizarre by judges in Scientology cases that even the Wall Street Journal wrote an editorial on how odd they seem (see Maybe there is more going on behind the scenes than we know. Hopefully judges currently sitting on Scientology cases around the world will read this, notify their clerks, and find some way not to let their judicial integrity be compromised by this ruthless cult.

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