Friday, July 17, 2009

Captain's Log, #2

Trip #4: Mouse Nest Island
- Calm, meandering, woodsy lake enveloped by nice houses, each with a dock and small power boat.
- Good boat launch.
- Narrow going.
- Some rock-infested areas.
- No wind. Maybe too sheltered for a good blow.

Conclusion: meh

Heading back to the launch I discovered a trick: pop the rudder up so it's a little more horizontal, pull the tiller back and forth in a nice, easy motion, and you can make the boat swim forward slowly.

Trip #5: Main Street USA
- Sunny late afternoon at a posh bay.
- Brass band playing Stars and Stripes, etc., in a white gazebo bandstand.
- Two bussloads of frail elderly figures disembarking for the concert, effectively blocking access to the launch for half an hour. Patience required.
- Delicious ice cream.
- Lots of dock space for tying off boats, but parking for cars with trailers a few blocks away. Jogging shoes a good idea.
- Power lines kinda near the launch.
- No wind, but likely does get wind.

Conclusion: Has potential, but a bit of a hassle.

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