Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scientology Beats a Boy at Mace-Kingsley Ranch

"LRH has written two policies on it and it applies in your case."

16 December 2008

This cult approved assault was recorded in or around Sep. 1988 at the Mace/Kingsley ranch school on W. Ave R8 in Palmdale, CA., by another inmate. The voices belong to Wally Hanks, Mike Miller, and a homeless non-scientologist named Eric, and of course Marco C., whom was not blameless, but did not deserve this insanity. I don't know his whereabouts now, but the last place I found any record of Marco was in Clearwater, Fl. which happens to be where the Cult of Scientology has it headquarters. He may have joined the Sea Org. Anyone who knew Wally and hears this recording, will recognize the voice and the terminology. I feel some guilt for sitting on it for so long, but had the Cult found out, I would have been subject to fair game policies and driven to an early grave. I am still at risk, as the people involved have much to hide, and have a history of over the top retaliation.

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