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Anthony Muhammad, I see what u did thar!

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I wanted to inform you regarding the serious nature of the behavior of Mr. Anthony Muhammad of the DC ANC, who is now running for Ward 8 Board of Education.

As you may or may not know, Anthony is a member of the Nation of Islam (NOI), which is, of course, his right. Nevertheless, I am going to list points of concern regarding his behavior.

1. Anthony is on video making DEATH THREATS against a protester in Washington DC.

2. He is an active and outspoken supporter of the Nation of Islam and promotes Scientology as well.

3. He has stated he plans to push Scientology ideology in public schools if given the chance.

Concerning the first issue, the threats, Anthony is on video pointing his fingers at a protester like a gun and making shooting gestures. He then grabs at the protester and pulls on him. On another occasion he sings a song, “we will kill you,” in front of the DC Scientology building, after which the police did an investigation; as of the protester's last contact with authorities, they were looking for Anthony. Clearly, this behavior alone is reason enough to show he is unfit to hold elected office.

The FBI refers hate group classification to the Southern Poverty Law Center, where the NOI is currently listed as an active hate group. The Nation of Islam’s symbolic hate for Jewish people, whites and Asians is well known. Anthony has been photographed in a NOI uniform, and he actively promotes the NOI doctrine as defined by Louis Farrakhan at various events. I do not want suggest that the NOI and the KKK are the same thing, but there are some similarities, with the biggest one being a hate campaign against other races. Can the DC Schools afford to have this man on their board?

To make matters more complicated, high-level adherents of the NOI are required to participate in Scientology practices. They support the founder of the Scientology organization, L. Ron Hubbard, who was likewise extremely racist. I have included links to videos of his racist comments below as well as other reference to claims I raise herein.

Only recently has Scientology targeted lower income minorities. Recently their organization has been losing large numbers of public members and staff. These ex-members are speaking out and they are talking about human rights abuses including, but not limited to: beatings, forced abortions, child abuse, labor camps for doubters (called the Rehabilitation Project Force), disconnection of people from their families and targeting ex-members for harassment. There is also a confirmed ongoing human trafficking investigation by the FBI in relation to Scientology. Anthony's intimate connection to this group is disturbing at best, and completely unacceptable as a public figure.

Furthermore, Mr. Muhammed openly proclaims to push Scientology “Study Tech” doctrine, deceptively repackaged as a secular revenue stream under the name “Applied Scholastics,” in public schools. This is known to be a tool to target children for indoctrination into Scientology, and has, unfortunately, already worked its way into DC public schools under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Title I programs.

Scientology “Study Tech” has been proven to not hold up to the marketing claims promoted by the Applied Scholastics (AS) franchises. Applied Scholastics has also been dropped from the list of approved NCLB providers in five different states during the past two years, due to under-utilization and lack of evidence-based results.

Scientology also has a history of being convicted for fraud worldwide and this program is not immune from their con. Our children deserve the best education they can get; sadly, the DC schools have often been neglected and under-funded. The kids deserve better than this and I hope this matter is investigated.

Video 1: Anthony grabbing protester:

Video 2: Anthony singing “we will kill you” to a protester who has a V for Vendetta mask on his head (7:30 into the video):

Anthony in NOI Uniform:

LRH mocking black people down south in his own voice:

LRH saying Asians are “Chinks” and saying they are “useless”:

A debate about LRH using the N word:

The only African American to reach a high level in Scientology (Jesse Prince) says David Miscavige, the current leader of COS, called him the N word all the time and is a total racist (LRH called black people “slow” in audio tapes) (Jesse talks about his kidnapping)

Other racist quotes by LRH:

Applied Scholastics Exposed (investigative report):

Applied Scholastics Exposed info pack collection:

List of states using Applied Scholastics:

Additional information on Scientology “Study Tech” doctrine:

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