Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Paging Dr. Gonzalez to Cell Block C

Dr. Gonzalez has spent the past 20 years promoting a goofy treatment regimen for people with pancreatic cancer involving pancreatic enzymes by mouth several times daily, coffee enemas twice daily, papaya juice, and a veggie diet.

Thanks to pressure from Senator Dan Burton, NCCAM funded a study comparing this wackaloon therapy to standard chemo. The graph above summarizes the study results published just last month. The SEER line represents historical survival rates across everyone in the US with pancreatic cancer. Note that the newer chemo regimen is a little better than the SEER line while the Gonzalez regimen... well, sucks ass.

Weird thing is, the study ended four years ago. Why the long wait to release the data to the public?

Turns out Dr. Gonzalez used his political connections and piles of money to suppress the results for as long as possible.

Dr. Gonzalez continues to prescribe this stupid coffee enema business to desperate, ill-informed people with pancreatic cancer and plenty of cash. I hope a few may Google his name and find out about that graph. Maybe they'll start the chemo before it's too late and so live a few months longer

More info here.

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