Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scientology sez: swine flu iz conspiracy!!!!

Leaked email from OSA (Office of Special Affairs) UK:

From: Graeme Wilson
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 23:25:57 +0100
To: Graeme Reid Wilson
Subject: Mexico and "swine flu"

Dear All,

Please see below briefing and request from Gaby Gadiot, who is coordinating Volunteer Minister help to people in Mexico whose lives are being put at risk by measures taken to combat "swine flu."

It appears that the actions being taken in response to the so-called "swine flu" are causing more disruption than the flu itself. So far, 9 people have been confirmed as having died from swine flu. Compare that to 250,000 who die of "regular" flu every year around the world. Meanwhile, share prices are soaring of the drug companies selling drug in vast quantities in preparation for the heralded pandemic.

Do let Gaby know if you can do anything to help.



"Swine flu in Mexico has seen the closure of public places: schools, restaurants, markets and even churches. (including our own churches who continue to produce from their own homes). So far, this measures seem to have created a bigger problem than the flu. This has had a devastating impact on many workers, street sellers and small businesses already struggling to survive. Thousands of people have lost their sources of income. Thousands more have seen their livelihood wiped out.

"Entire families and even communities have no income, no food and are unable to keep a roof over their heads. This makes them even more vulnerable to flu. Mothers have been advised not to breast feed their babies to avoid the risk of infecting them. By not being able to go out to work, they can't provide milk.

"Please donate what you can. Just £15 provides enough milk to keep a baby alive for one month. Just £40 buys a food parcel to keep a whole family for a fortnight.

"Your donations will be sent directly to the volunteers helping these families to supply them with basic food, fresh dinking water, soap, bleach, vitamins to help their immune system etc. (they will also be getting TWTH booklet and assists as needed)

"Food, vitamins etc. will keep the nutrition in, which is important for the immune system and of course keeps them up tone and less likely to key in. THESE actions will be creating a healthy situation rather than "resisting" and concentrating on "not getting sick".

"With your contributions we can help bring order and calm into this area. Please send your donation by cheque or bank transfer to:

"In the UK:

"Effective Life Solutions
"28 Chequer Road
"East Grinstead
"West Sussex
"RH19 3BW
"Account number 76556811 Sort Code 090126"


  1. I'm not sure if the Scientologists are any better or worse than the rest of the crazies. A friend of mine's daughter-in-law decided that she had heard that the H1N1 vaccine actually causes the disease. He was amused until I told him the death rate (I think I just read on the CDC website, it's around 1/75000 for those under 18, but don't quote me, and I'm too lazy to search through the disorganized CDC site). I said emphatically that the risks for the vaccine are miniscule vs. the death rate from the disease. I said it wasn't a laughing matter.

    Anti-science is so prevalent these days!

  2. It may not be the worst. But it's up there.