Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dr. Mercola hangin' with Scientologists

Some Scientology celebs and others recently held a three hour meeting at the Saddle Ranch restaurant on Sunset in West Hollywood.  Don't know what they talked about. Probably some movie project.

But here are the money shots:

From the Daily Mail.


  1. Anything further on this or someway of confirming this was in fact Mercola? Which would suggest that this was less a movie project meeting?

  2. It's Mercola or someone who looks exactly like him.

    What Mercola pimps is naturopathy --anti-pharma, pro-vitamin, vague "immune system boosting" nonsense. Quackery circa 1910.

    Chiropractic, naturopathy, and Scientology, have long been allies. So it's no surprise Mercola might be invited to give a talk to a Scientology group.

    What is a little surprising to me, is how much energy the Church seems to be pumping into quackery lately --e.g., Kirsty Alley's diet thing, putting Scientologists in leadership roles at all the UK naturopathic colleges, the VMs in Haiti, and making friends with the anti-vax crowd (who BTW do the "fair game" thing in the same way).

    I have no idea what went on in the meeting. Scientology clearly had a presence there. But all the acting talent makes me think movie.

    Maybe they're re-branding their Dianetics and auditing as "natural healthcare" and "life coaching," to avoid the creepy factor that's kinda been sticking to them lately.

    Maybe the meeting was an early read through of a script plus a "free talk from a leading natural medicine expert."

  3. Yeah I'm pretty sure it is him too. Which of course belies the "it's only a movie project" concept. since we know that Tom is always recruiting at every opportunity, and Will is in, it could be a "movie read" with the real aim of sucking in the unaware.

  4. The man does look similar but is not Dr. Mercola.

    I can confirm that 100%. I did send this link to him though and he got a kick out of it :)


  5. LOL, someone thinks I'd take Mercola at his word. Via hearsay no less.

  6. Funny, you talk about quackery (and I imagine wouldn't want someone spreading untruths) yet you take a guy who looks vaguely similar and put in your headlines that it's him when in fact it's not.

    I can assure you he's never been that pale (he's Italian) and would never be caught dead in that belt.

    But that's fine. I just shake my head when I see people call others quacks yet they spread misinformation.

  7. Hey I wasn't the first and I'm not the only one who thinks the pic is Mercola or a dead ringer.

    Now some unknown person on the web says, "not him." Ok fine.

    The weird part is, you think I should take an unknown person's word without any evidence to back it up.

    Show me that Mercola gave a talk in Chicago that day. I dunno, something like that would convince me.

  8. Oh the belt. I chalked that up to the rodeo themed script and setting.

    It's hard to judge skin tone from a couple of pics, especially if taken from very far away. Cranking up the contrast to sharpen details can make people look washed out.

  9. Well if you'd looked at my link you'd see he's my better half.. I can't fake that now , can I? go look if you like (click my name) What date was the picture taken? I can figure out where he was that day. Although maybe it's better people think Will Smith is consumed with what he's doing. Would probably be a plus :) But tell me the date. And click my link. I like to think of myself as not unknown.

  10. OK fine, you're probably not pulling my leg. Although I wonder why this issue is important to you.

    Do you want to distance Dr. Mercola from Scientology because you have strong objections to some of their teachings?

    In many areas, Dr. Mercola and the Scientologists preach the same themes --e.g., "detox" and using supplements to affect the way you feel.

    Well in any case, I wouldn't worry about my tiny blog. It's read by all of four people, two of them in the UK.


  11. Looks like the date was Monday July 12th, from the Daily Mail article.

  12. So erin elizabeth, do you know where Dr. Mercola was on 7-11-10?

  13. that is clearly not Dr. Mercola.

    Dr. Mercola is far tanner, stronger and has darker hair. Just because there is a controversy in your own mind does not mean there is any question what the truth is.

  14. We were together on both the dates you mentioned. And not anywhere near Will Smith. I am not a fan of Scientology.I believe the books I've read that say they're nothing but a CUL T.

  15. Still this drivel sits on the internet... And I'm supposed to be the one to prove it's not him when the person posting cannot prove it is (and it isn't) Happy New Year