Thursday, July 29, 2010

Naturopathy (aka "natural medicine") is Retarded

Exhibit B: Polarity

Dude looks like he knows his way around the herbs, lol.

I find the woman's confidence strangely charming. Baffling, yes. But also charming.


  1. "Has your polarity been reversed?! You could have killed me Space Ranger!"

    Other thoughts:

    Con-artists are often charming, whether the first person they conned was a mark or themselves.

    Show me how this works on a multimeter (from Radio Shack, not a POS from a BS COS auditor supply) and I'll consider it.

    This looks like an easy way to make money. I'm pretty sure I could do it. Oh, wait; I forgot, I'm not effing immoral.

  2. The naturopathy series is great, but I just wish you hadn't used "retarded" as a pejorative. See