Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Srsly, the Republican party has been taken over by loonies.  Don't feel guilty for being lazy and not reading up on all the candidates.  Just vote for anyone who isn't a Republican.  DOO EEEET NAOOO!!!

Then there is Sharron Angle, the closet Scientologist.  "I'll answer those questions when I'm the senator."  Smells like "the Secret," amirite?  Say it aloud and the universe will make it so.

Journalists represent us, the people.  They're our eyes and ears.  They ask questions we might ask.  But curiously over the past couple of decades, politicians have discovered that they can dismiss journalists without shame, without paying any political price.  They need only imply via a smirk or a wink that that the questioner is biased.  That needs to change ASAP.

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  1. I voted and I'm not even a fag.
    Sharon Angle is seriously disturbed. Thank God she didn't get in, and Jerry Brown, Reid and Boxer did. Whew!

    Here's my rant:
    Top 5 problems confronting this nation:

    1) mainstream media, ALL of it, is owned and operated by corporations, who have all the conscience of a stiff you-know-what
    2) the supreme court ruled last year that corporations and billionaires can give as much money as they want to campaigns IN SECRET
    3) narcissism and psychopathology are epidemic in media, entertainment and politics; after Reagan and the Bushes, lying with a straight face, then telling an opposite lie with an equally straight face, then denying the fact of video tape that documents you lying has become normal; neither the corporate media nor the public seem to see any distinction between lies and facts
    4) it is dangerous--meaning fatally dangerous--for any individual to go up against the military-industrial complex (Halliburton, Blackwater, the CIA) because those guys can assassinate anyone, anywhere,--remember the film Michael Clayton? That happens every day, folks--any big shot in the country who dies of a "cerebral hemorrhage" or "liver cancer" was executed.
    5) ordinary people are scared, too, now that the Patriot Act took away our civil rights, such as habeas corpus.