Friday, November 19, 2010

Launch an exciting career as a moonbat health coach!

Not content with his role as patient zero for the outbreak of "integrative medicine" within our medical schools, Andrew Weil is now recruiting an army of young people, GED in hand, to guide the rest of us toward better food choices and spiritual practice.

Apparently a certificate in food woo can be earned in only six months at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. A graduating "nutritionist" can then hang a shingle by the door and begin seeing patients, likely with the zeal typical of most MLM drones.

I'm sorry America. But this is what you get when you stop paying attention in science class.

Added: Stumbled across this other video featuring David Wolfe. OMFG, what a moran.

For one, he says, "Lyme's disease" rather than "Lyme disease." And he says its caused by a genetically modified organism that escaped from a scientist's lab during the 1970s in Lyme CT.

This dude reminds me of LRH --a big blowhard talking bollocks, but with conviction and certainty.

Misinformation like this makes Americans more stupid.

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