Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blogger sucks

The recent comments thing died. Granted only three people visit my page so I shouldn't have a problem keeping up. But what if someone says something fascinating on an older post and I never see it?

I'm taking a look at WordPress. I imported this site to

I like the new blogroll with automatic updates that blogger is doing; don't see anything at wordpress like that. Still, seeing recent comments is more valuable to me.

I may make a permanent move soon... Maybe I should check out LiveJournal first.


  1. Tick the box which sais 'E-mail follow up comments to' and no pearls of wisdom will pass you by.

  2. Recent comments is fritzing on most blogs I read at the moment. Sometimes it's there, sometimes not. I second Clodhopper's suggestion.

  3. I have had no problems following things on blogger, following clod's suggestion. I am only on livejournal for historical reasons.