Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gone fishin'...srsly?

I used to fish occasionally as a kid, usually when camping. While I lived in California, sometimes I went grunion running - yum!

I nearly always ate what I caught. But that is not fishing. When people say they like to fish on weekends, what they mean is: "I like to catch fish for the fun of catching them. Then I throw them back in the water."


Somehow I made it to middle age without realizing that most people who "fish" don't eat what they catch.

I'm not happy about this. Fish do feel pain just as we feel pain. If the hook cuts into a lip, they'll likely live. But if it cuts through the roof of the mouth, they'll suffer for a time then die.

The harm seems forgivable if a person is going to eat the fish and enjoy the benefit of the protein and other quality nutrients that make large brained life possible. But imposing such suffering upon another merely for the momentary thrill of catching something on a hook isn't good enough.

I blame religion. I blame the notion of "sacred human life" and "dominion over all."

Why must humankind serve as a monstrous nightmare to nearly every species upon the earth?


  1. I am an uneducated sort of clod.
    What on earth is 'grunion' running? It sounds good but it will be no good for us Brits unless a wager is possible.

    Perhaps we could do with a few predators who, after picking us up and crushing half the bones in our bodies, said 'there you go luvvy, just pop you back in the town centre to carry on with yer shopping'.

  2. I never realised that hooked fish could die as a result!

    When fox hunting was banned in the UK, many people were complaining that "they'll be banning fishing next". Good.

  3. Here you go clodhopper:


    Where I lived, the grunion usually ran around midnight. We would pan fry them over an open fire, with butter and salt.

    Steve: my husband says, "If you don't feel them take the bait, they're gonna swallow the hook before you can set it. If they swallow it, they're gonna die, obviously."

  4. I saw a Rita Rudner video yesterday in which she asked, "Why won't men wait for us to get ready? They wait for fish."