Monday, June 2, 2008

China bans the plastic bag

Here's the news report.
China, which consumes 37 million barrels of crude oil each year to manufacture more than one trillion plastic bags, is following in the footsteps of countries such as Ireland, Rwanda and Bangladesh. Italy is due to introduce a ban by 2010.
I confess I sometimes find myself at the store and the canvas bags are home. I haven't yet developed the habit of stashing the things in my car once the groceries are put away, but I'm trying.

Those bags look a lot like jellyfish in the ocean.


  1. It's the car routine that is the problem. My husband and I often just forget we have the bags stashed there.

  2. I have the same problem. I did remember them last night when I went to the grocery store, though. The baffling thing is, though, they still put your meat in a plastic bag and then in the canvas bag. Apparently the fact that this defeats the purpose of bringing canvas bags is beyond the mental capacity of those several baggers who continuously practice this.

    Anyway, hope your wrist is healing nicely Dr. B!

  3. I confess Dr B that I am still a silly bagger. I think it will take a year of cog n tiv therapy to cure me *sigh*

  4. Perhaps if the bags were fabulous I would not forget them.

    I bought mine at the store. They're polyesterish and tend to pill. But they do fold up and snap shut into a nice little square.

    I think I want something for my products that is sleek and minimal and somehow clever and fun. Whatever it is, it apparently has not yet been invented.

  5. My wife always forgets to bring the various canvas bags we have. Luckily I wear my backpack most everywhere we walk to, and I usually keep a spare bag inside of it = ). Cars are luxuries that only the more self-absorbed can justify using.