Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Scientology Master Plan

A YouTube from 2007. But still amazing to see.

Coordinated marketing campaigns involving multiple seemingly independent sources of news are worrisome. They're disruptive to the wisdom of a healthy marketplace of ideas in the same way that a monopoly disrupts rational price setting based on supply and demand.

Scientologists are big on vitamins. I wonder if there are connections between the Church of Scientology and organizations like the Bravewell collaborative and others pushing for "integrative medicine."

I also wonder if there are meaningful connections between Scientology and the recent Federal actions against Lilly, Astra-Zeneca, Janssen, Forrest, and several child psychiatrists MGH.

From the brain's perspective, there are two ways to shape reality to suit:

1. roll up your sleeve and modify the actual, physical environment
2. create a consensus of belief among the tribe.

Both strategies result in convincing feedback to the brain regarding how the world is.

The second strategy has some advantages. It's sometimes easier and faster than the first, particularly for those of a sociable nature. The downside: if the consensus is too at odds with reality, it will eventually crash.

1 comment:

  1. Creepy.

    There's this whole split personality thing going on with $cientology.

    First they're all like "ohhh, get to the state of clear. La de da de daa", and then the next instant, it's "destroy our enemies!! Crush them! Sabotage them! Sue them to death!!".

    Hubbard was some crackpot all right.
    No wonder he hated shrinks.
    A little Prozac would've wiped out his whole cash cow.