Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bill Maher Ridiculous

Maher has a lot going for him. He's smart and funny, and he does seem to learn and alter his views over time.

Below is one of Maher's better moments. This is the clip where the 9/11 Truthers heckle him during his show. He fairly effectively makes them look stupid. I imagine that doing stand-up all those years was good preparation.

But it must be said that Maher's understanding of medical science is rather feeble, particularly in the realm of HIV, vaccines (opposing some but not all vaccines CUZ U NOES MOAR DEN CDC still makes you an anti-vax loon), immunity, toxicology, and nutrition.

Celebrities can have opinions. But where public health is concerned, they must get the facts right or STFU. Medical misinformation kills.

If you have cancer, don't listen to Bill Maher.


  1. I've been reading you on the Maher Mess, and I am officially in love. I'd noticed you on various SB comment threads before, but you've been on fire this week.

  2. I think you have made an important contribution to the Maher Mess. But I'd go further than you, as the danger of medical misinformation surely outweighs the standing up against 9/11 Truthers, especially when you have a platform like Maher does.

  3. Hey Doc,I think this has something to do with why people believe woo work. Cant make a link, sorry.

    I suspect that we have a far greater ability to self heal or limit damage than is currently acknowledged. I have a vague memory of hearing an ambulance medic saying that people were in a highly suggestable state in shock and that he had been astounded when on sayjng things like "You'll have to stop bleeding, then I'll fix that" the bleeding actually stopped.

    Wish I could dig up a ref, He seemed to be saying that in some cases you could trigger an autonomic response, speaking directly to a deeper self.

    Huge amount of research needed.