Friday, October 30, 2009

Return of the Dark Eyed Juncos

When I arrived home yesterday around dusk I heard a steady chit... chit... chit...* in the woods nearby. It was softer than a chipmunk's call and then it moved suddenly several yards away and I knew it had to be a bird. But who?

Now I see several dark eyed juncos in the bushes and the memory of their calls returns to me. Of course! How could I forget.

This is the time of year when the cute little guys suddenly mob us. They'll hang around until springtime when they'll just as suddenly head west and north for their breeding season.

Fun facts: Dark eyed juncos like to make a pew-pew-pew noise kinda like sci-fi phaser sounds.#
Sound files here.
* Click "Chip notes (Slate-colored race)" to hear.
# Click "Kew calls ("Slate-colored" race)" to hear.

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  1. Dark eyed flunkies for hate speech aren't nearly as cute as Dark eyed juncos.