Friday, January 14, 2011

Corporations that don't look right

For some reason in my web travels I wanted to look up a company called "Pearl Street II Gp LLC" on

Then I was like, OMG WTF is that crazy squid monster!

Here's a link to the interactive relationship map showing a lot more than I can fit in a screen capture.

What the heck is it? And why does it need so many interconnected parts? How can anyone possibly audit its transactions?

Per corporationwiki, the company was incorporated 12-5-2001 in the state of Texas by someone named, "C T Corporation System." Who names their child something like that?

Address and officers below:

Pearl Street II Group
200 Crescent Ct Ste 1600
Dallas TX 75201

Joe Colonnetta
John R Muse
Edward Herring
David Knickel
Jack D Furst
Linda R Thompson
William G Neisel

I found a few biographies from another corporation's web site, HM Capital Partners:

Mr. Herring has over 13 years of investment experience and joined the Firm in 1998. Mr. Herring's primary responsibility is deal sourcing, execution and monitoring of the Firm's food and energy investments.Mr. Herring serves as a director of BlackBrush Oil & Gas, TexStar Midstream Services, TriDimension Energy, SunTerra Oil & Gas, Viasystems and Swett & Crawford.Prior to joining HM Capital Partners, Mr. Herring worked in the Investment Banking Division of Goldman, Sachs & Co.Mr. Herring received his BA from Stanford University and his MBA from Harvard Business School. email:

Mr. Colonnetta has over 21 years of investment experience and joined the Firm in 1998. Mr. Colonnetta's primarily responsibility is deal sourcing, execution and monitoring of the Firm's energy investments.Mr. Colonnetta serves as a director of BlackBrush Oil & Gas, TexStar Midstream Services, UniTek USA and TriDimension Energy. In November 2008, Mr. Colonnetta was appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry to serve as a trustee of the Texas Prepaid Higher Education Tuition Board.Prior to joining HM Capital Partners, Mr. Colonnetta was a Partner with Metropoulos and Co. Before Metropoulos, Mr. Colonnetta served in various executive officer and oversight roles in companies owned by Bass Investment Partners and Oppenheimer & Co.Mr. Colonnetta received his BS from the University of Houston.

Mr. Knickel serves as CFO and Vice President of HM Capital. Mr. Knickel has approximately 14 years of private equity experience and is primarily responsible for the daily operations of the Firm’s investment funds. Prior to joining HM Capital in 1995, Mr. Knickel was employed by a major international accounting and consulting firm, where he served as a tax manager in the corporate finance and real estate services groups.Mr. Knickel received his BS in Accounting from the University of Illinois, is a Certified Public Accountant, and is a member of the Texas Society and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Mr. Muse has over 30 years of investment experience and co-founded HM Capital's predecessor firm in 1989. Mr. Muse has been actively involved in the energy, food and beverage and media sectors since the Firm's inception and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Firm.Mr. Muse serves on the board of directors of a number of the Firm's portfolio companies and also serves as a director of Dean Foods (NYSE: DF) as well as the Anderson School of Business at UCLA.Mr. Muse is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and received his MBA from the Anderson School of Business at UCLA.

Based in Dallas, Texas, HM Capital Partners is a sector-focused private equity firm that primarily makes control investments in the energy, food and media industries, where the Firm has extensive experience, expertise, relationships and access to differentiated deal flow. Since inception, the Firm has completed more than 150 transactions in these sectors for a total transaction value in excess of $26 billion.

Wow that's a lot of money. But over how many years? From corporationwiki:

Incorporated by Alisha Barbera, Andrew S Rosen, Charles W Bauer, David Knickel, Edward Herring, Jack D Furst, Jason Downie, Joe Colonnetta, John R Muse, Linda R Thompson, Peter Brodsky, William G Neisel, Hm Capital Partners LLC is located at 200 Crescent Ct Ste 1600 Dallas, TX 75201. Hm Capital Partners LLC was incorporated on Monday, February 27, 2006 in the State of TX and is currently active. C T Corporation System represents Hm Capital Partners LLC as their registered agent.

2006! That's only 5 years ago.

Randomly I picked another corp from the rat's nest for details, Bridgelight Capital, incorporated 5-4-09 in TX. Address and officers below:

Bridgelight Capital, LLC
200 Crescent Ct Ste 1600
Dallas, TX 75201

David Smith
John R Muse
Randall Barton
Robert Knowles
Darren Maloney (registered agent)

Hmm, I smell shellfish.

OK, one more from the squid monster: TDE Operating GP LLC. Google says it's an oil and gas company... and, doh! Just filed Chapter 11.

If you look up the address for the entities above, 200 Crescent Ct Ste 1600 Dallas TX 75201 on corporationwiki you will see these names, some repeatedly with a variety of spellings:

Eric Allen
Joseph B Armes
Darren K Ash
Alisha Barbera
Randall Barton
Marian L Brancaccio
Peter S Brodsky
Charles W Bauer
Dan H Blanks
Brian Boyd
John Civantos
Joseph V Colonnetta
Timothy P Costello
Robert Darwent
Francisco De Jesus
Jason Downie
Daniel S Dross
Linda Ehlers
Clark Emmert
Jack D Forst
Jack O Furst
John D Furst
John S Furst
George N Gillett
Edward Herring
Thomas O Hicks
Daniel Hopkin
Will Jaudes
Angela Kelley
David W Kinckel
Robert Knowles
Doug Lamb
Dan L Lanier
Lyndon Lea
Michael J Levitt
Eric Lindberg
Stephan Lobmeyer
Darren Maloney
Allen B Mann
Jeffery G Mundy
Betty Lou Muse
Lyn Reynolds Muse
John R Muse
William G Neisel
Eric C Neuman
John R Ralston
John S Ralston
Andrew S Rosen
James P Ryan
Michael D Salim
Clark Sandlin
David Smith
Paul D Stone
Lawrence D Stuart
Charles W Tate
Margaret M Taylor
Linda R Thompson
Luca Velussi
Andres Weisz
John Waggoner
Kelvin Walker
W Kelvin Walker
John L Ware
Michelle Westfall
Kurt Winkenhofer

If I ruled the world, fictitious entities would be owned by people, not other fictitious entities. And the relationships between people and their companies would be straightforward, as in "my grandma can understand it." None of this overlapping dual relationship stuff that takes more graphic resources to represent than my poor laptop can manage.


  1. CT Corporation is not a name! Google it and learn.

  2. I work for one of said companies. Reason that HM Capital was only incorporated in 2006 was it CHANGED ITS NAME. You are an idiot.

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