Friday, January 28, 2011

LOL Anthroposophy!

Orac has a nice post explaining that homeopathy is a big part of the education naturopaths get at their wacky schools.

Some naturopaths also study anthroposophy, as do some real doctors, particularly those at the University of Michigan Medical School.

What's anthroposophy, you ask? Well in short: anthroposophy = homeopathy + ghosts.

Obviously adding ghosts to homeopathy does not dilute the stupid in any measurable way.

How can a reputable medical school like U Michigan suddenly go full-on moonbat? Well, in my clinical experience, rich wankers are usually involved. People like Oprah, Mercola, Chopra, Huffington, and Prince Charles want to make the world a better place. The "transformation of medicine" is their wedge strategy.  By getting faith healing into science they hope to guide the rest of us toward better spiritual practice. It's kind of like when you were a kid and that creepy old guy made touching the no-no place seem good instead of bad.  All it took was a little candy and repetition.

Hey you, smile! Billionaires do not like a negative attitude. Negativity can get you fired; just ask Orac.

I copypasta'd a handy membership list from the Physician's Association for Anthroposophic Medicine and Self-Inflicted Head Injury, to get the positivity and up-toned laughing started:

Michael Allen MD
11344 Coloma Rd Ste 445 Gold River, CA, 95670
Tel: 916-803-7040 Fax: 916-852-7041

Tiffany Baer MD
217 Yale Ave Kensington, CA, 94708
Tel: 530-400-3797

Daniel Brousseau DO
740 N. Lake Ave Pasadena, CA, 91104
Tel: 626-794-4668 Fax: 626-345-9753

Gershan MD
534 Baker St San Francisco, CA, 94117
Tel: 650-573-3402 Fax: 650-573-2919

Melanie Gisler-Scharff DO
520 Arizona Ave Santa Monica, CA, 90401
Tel: 310-451-8880 Fax: 310-451-8803

Claire Leve MD
11795 Education Street, Ste 232 Auburn, CA, 95602
Tel: 530-886-6555 Fax: 530-886-6586

Patricia Reber-Weltz DO
388 Second Street Los Altos, CA, 94022
Tel: 650-559-8500 Fax: 650-823-4940

Sunjya K. Schweig MD
616 Petaluma Blvd N Petaluma, CA, 94952
Tel: 707-778-3171 Fax: 707-778-6744

M. Kelly Sutton MD
Raphael Medicine and Therapies
9801 Fair Oaks Blvd, #300 Fair Oaks, CA, 95628
Tel: 916-671-1780 Fax: 916-844-0083

Adam Blanning MD
840 26th Street Denver, CO, 80205
Tel: 720-404-9199 Fax: 720-941-0234

Philip Incao MD
P.O. Box 894 Crestone, CO, 81131
Tel: 719-256-5647

Richard Halford MD
13548 B Sabal Palm Ct Delray Beach, FL, 33484
Tel: 516-205-0485

Jay S. Harms MD
27W737 S. Meadowview Dr Winfield, IL, 60190-1710

Andrea Rentea MD
3525 North Peterson, Ste 611 Chicago, IL, 60659
Tel: 773-583-7793 Fax: 773-583-7796

Ross Rentea MD
3525 North Peterson, Ste 611 Chicago, IL, 60659
Tel: 773-583-7793 Fax: 773-583-7796

Steven Johnson DO
647 Eastern Blvd Clarksville, IN, 47129
Tel: 812-282-4309

Anna Davis MD
P.O. Box 386 Mandeville, LA, 70470
Tel: 985-951-7882 Fax: 985-951-7882

Roland Knausenberger MD
180 Kennedy Memorial Dr, Ste 202 Waterville, ME, 04901
Tel: 207-872-2900 Fax: 207-872-8495

Peter Hinderberger MD, PhD
4801 Yellowwood Ave Baltimore MD 21209
Tel: 410-367-6263 Fax: 410-367-1961

Kent S. Hesse M.D.
138 Russell St Hadley, MA, 01035
Tel: 413-587-4680 Fax: 413-587-4682

Ricardo Bartelme MD
1801 Briarwood Circle Ann Arbor MI 48103
Tel: 734-332-5393 Fax: 734-998-7763

Christian Wessling MD
7979 Big Bend Boulevard Webster Groves Missouri 63119
Tel: 314-961-6631

New Jersey
Andrea Eberly MD
1 Innisbrook Rd Skillman NJ 08558
Tel: 609-333-1919 Fax: 609-333-9444

New Mexico
Rosemarie Zapf DO
1900 Hot Springs Blvd Las Vegas, NM, 87701
Tel: 505-454-1400 Fax: 505-426-0362

New York
Catherine Ferrara DO
230 Hilton Ave, Suite 106 Hempstead, NY, 11550
Tel: 516-292-0300 Fax: 631-789-8505

Gerald Karnow MD
241 Hungry Hollow Rd Chestnut Ridge, NY, 10977
Tel: 845-356-8494 Fax: 845-356-8468

Anna Lups MD
Box 57 County Rte 14 Hudson, NY, 12534
Tel: 518-828-3292 Fax: 518-828-3102

Paul Scharff MD
241 Hungry Hollow Rd Spring Valley, NY, 10977
Tel: 845-356-8494 Fax: 845-356-8468

North Carolina
Mark J Eisen MD
900 Martin Luther King Blvd Chapel Hill, NC, 27514
Tel: 919-967-9452

Patricia Hart MD
60 Lake Cove Road Flat Rock, NC, 28731
Tel: 952-334-4510 (lol "fart")

Karin Cseak DO
556 W. Portage Trail Cuyahoga Falls, OH, 44223
Tel: 330-923-3060 Fax: 330-923-7705

Janel Guyette MD
5909 SE Division St Portland, OR, 97206
Tel: 503-234-1531 Fax: 503-234-2367

Kevin Kane DO
1805 SE 33d Ave Portland, Oregon, 97214

Lynn Madsen MD
3610 SW Grover St Portland, OR, 97221
Tel: 503-572-4196 Fax: 503-762-6890

Jeffrey D. Rice MD
2250 NW Flanders Street #306 Portland, OR, 97210
Tel: 503-276-1299 Fax: 503-276-1288

Joan Takacs DO
5909 SE Division Portland, OR, 97206
Tel: 503-234-1531 Fax: 503-234-2367

John Takacs DO
5909 SE Division Portland, OR, 97206
Tel: 503-234-1531 Fax: 503-234-2367

Richard Fried MD
1375 Hares Hill Rd Kimberton, PA, 19442
Tel: 610-933-0708 Fax: 610-933-4125

Melinda Toney MD
840 Walnut St Catasauqua, PA, 18032
Tel: 610-266-3060 Fax: 610-266-3062

Rhode Island
Paul Barratt MD
481 Kingstown Rd Wakefield, RI, 02879
Tel: 401-783-3332 Fax: 401-789-0314

South Carolina
Renee Meyer MD
Primula Internal Medicine
4770 Hwy 165 Meggett, SC 29449
Tel: 843-889-6484

Alicia Landman-Reiner MD
27 Behind the Rocks Dr Moab, UT, 84532
Tel: 435-260-8369

Mark Kamsler MD
2574 Sun Valley Dr Ste 201 Delafield, WI, 53018
Tel: 262-646-2282 Fax: 262-646-5573

Fabian Werner MD
105 Toronto Street Barrie Ontario L4N 1V1 Canada
Tel: 705-739-4114 Fax: 705-739-4114

Jonas Sullivan MD
Vidarkliniken Avdelning 4 Jarna 15391 Sweden
Tel: 46 8 551 50 910


  1. The email posted for Dr. Landman-Reiner does not appear to be working. Thank you,

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  3. If you don't know how or why this stuff works you could just say so.

  4. LOL! I'm amazed at your narrowmindedness. Clearly you speak from a place of profound bias and ignorance of your subject. Clearly you've never experienced Anthroposophical Medicine. OMG! Well, some folks just are ignorant, aren't they? -Ignorant in the sense of not knowing anything, in the sense of being uninformed. Perhaps some day you will learn more about your subject matter, perhaps not. But did it ever occur to you that anyone practicing Anthropososphical Medicine has gone well above and beyond other MDs in their training and that there might be a very important and excellent reason for this?

  5. Where do "ghosts" come into play in anthroposophy, The Tufted Titmouse?