Friday, May 30, 2008

Sir Jason Beghe and Anonymous 5-26-08

Goon: Excuse me, look, look, go over to the other side of the street.

Jason: What do you mean? I'm not allowed to stand here?

Goon: No.

Jason: Why not? Who says I can't stand here? Besides you?

Goon: ...silence...

Jason: You have any law behind that?

Goon: ...looks away...

Jason: I didn't think so.

Jason: ...looks off camera... I'm supposed to take orders from this guy?

Jason: ...mimics goon... Go on the other side of the street!

Jason: ...turns to goon... I can talk loud too.

Jason: ...tries to engage second goon who won't talk, then turns back to first goon...

Jason: Nice to meet you tough guy.

Jason: ...walks a few steps away then...

Jason: I smell pussy.


  1. Hilarious!

    CoS are rather vile.

  2. Yeah the Co$ are an easy target because they're propagating an obvious con that hurts people and they're a minority religion.

    Groups of humans will always have a few freeloaders and con artists. But it might be possible to suppress organized, large scale deception and fraud. We've certainly got to try in a rational, lawful, and non-arbitrary manner.

    Hubbard was smart enough to recognize that once his self-help business was deemed a religion it would no longer stand vulnerable to accusations of fraud, practicing medicine without a licence, corrupt accounting, and income tax evasion.

    Of course if Hubbard found a hidey-hole in religion we can count on other criminals lurking there as well.

    The Anonymous protests are minor news stories. But the legal implications of this present struggle against the Co$ are profound. All our modern quarrels over the meaning of "hate speech" and the separation between church and state will be impacted.