Friday, December 18, 2009

Freewinds Maiden Voyage Anniversary

From the Angry Dwarf: "So, these are just 2 handler guys that were at the Maiden Voyage of the Freewinds Anniversary in LA that all local scientologists are supposed to attend. 5,000 attendees was what the scilons told the city would be present. Perhaps 500 came. In the most densely public scilon place on the planet...

So Alex and Droopy here were doing the TR routines on anons all night...thinking it was having an effect. What a wonderful religion!"

Alex and Droopy at the Maiden Voyage Anniversary in LA, July 3, 2009 from Angry Dwarf on Vimeo.

What other organization manages to combine control freak competence and riches with such utter social retardation?

I can't take my eyes off this fascinoma.

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  1. Dagnabit! The video cut off just as he was about to say, "Going down, sir?"