Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Hollywood Wars

I stumbled across this fascinating story copypasta'd on a few sites. Maybe the first site is here.

Typos and "Mr. Moviemaker" appearing where the author must have meant, "Mr. Moviestar" or vice-verse, made the reading slow going. So I'm going to clean it up and post chunks of it here, for your amusement. If I get the whole thing done I'll invite the author to steal it back.


The ending of one of Hollywood’s better friendships changed the status quo between two powerful camps within the entertainment industry. Their falling out left a chill in the air, but not for long. A moment came when the working, icy veneer cracked and gave way to heated accusations and overt enmity. Then, like a brush fire moving through the California foothills, the flames of war spread rapidly until all of Hollywood was ablaze.

The first battle salvo appeared during diner at a local restaurant. A conversation became a disagreement loud enough to turn heads. Weeks later Mr. Moviemaker, a venerable icon of film making, found himself under aggressive attack by the Church of Strong Believers. He reached out to allies among an old and powerful Hollywood lobby. They in turn proved capable of delivering some punishing blows to Mr. Moviestar.

That’s when the gloves really came off. No one in the industry felt safe from attack. Even worker bees claiming bystander status were pressed to take sides. Survival meant learning how to handle the pressure while avoiding getting squashed.

When Strangers Come Calling

A few weeks after the restaurant exchange, Mr. Moviemaker was approached by his security detail. They informed him that Mrs. Moviemaker had someone following her, perhaps for quite a while. It also appeared that someone had been making inquiries about her.

Alarmed by the news, Mr. Moviemaker spoke with his reliable contacts among local authorities. They did some checking and discovered that yes, there were in fact a couple of PIs hired to follow his wife around and to dig for anything embarrassing or incriminating in her past. Who'd hired them? Well, the officials couldn't answer. But Mr. Moviemaker had a safe bet. He phoned his legal team who applied sufficient pressure to the PIs to make them back off.

Two weeks later Mr. Moviemaker received a phone call from a friendly reporter working for a major national broadcast agency in the US. The reporter requested a private meeting to discuss something concerning Mr. Moviemaker himself, something shocking. He wanted to hear Mr. Moviemaker’s side of things before airing the article that had been passed to him.

Mr. Moviemaker effectively challenged the story, explaining how it was nothing more than inaccuracies, distortions, and outright lies. The reporter was glad he'd taken the time to double-check his facts.

The two attacks coming so close together troubled and enraged Mr. Moviemaker. It wasn't just his reputation that was on the line; his family's safety was being threatened. He had no doubt, then, that his former friend had become a disturbingly dangerous enemy. However he would not retaliate... yet.

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