Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Naturopaths? In MY primary care? (HR3590)

Steve Novella and others reasonably capable of organized thought have formed a non-profit, the Institute for Science in Medicine.

Steve is smoove and haz teh sexy. You should probably just start writing big checks right now and never stop (payable to the ISM).

Save de Urfs!

Exerpt from first press release below:

Additional Comment by ISM President Mark B. Johnson, MD, MPH:

“I find it extremely unfortunate, and even alarming, that at a time when the house of medicine is focusing its efforts on re-establishing an evidence-based foundation to improve quality and patient safety, so many influential politicians and celebrities are lending support to unproven therapies, unscientific principles and outright quackery. Recent examples of this are the firestorm of protest against the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force’s recommendations on the use of mammography and the CAM mandates in the health-reform bills. In the current state of confusion that many in the general population find themselves as to what constitutes good medical practices, the last thing we need is the licensure and governmental support of more substandard (CAM) practitioners.”

Provisions of Concern:
Healthcare workforce and professionals:
Senate Bill (HR3590): Secs. 5101(h)(3)(i)(1) and (2)[p. 1295, line 2, to p. 1297, line 2]
House Bill (HR3962): Sec. 3101(4)(10) [p. 1669, lines 10-19]

Medical-home model:
Senate Bill (HR3590): Sec. 3502(b)(4) [p. 1068, line 21, through p. 1069, line 5], and
Sec. 3502(c)(6)(F) [p. 1071, lines 15-17]
House Bill (HR3962): Sec. 1833(p)(3)(A) [p. 702, line 21, through p. 703, line 9]

Insurance reimbursement:
Senate Bill (HR3590): Sec. 2706 [p. 95, line 8, through p. 96, line 2]
House Bill (HR3962): Sec. 238 [p. 133, lines 3-13]

Use of the derogatory term “allopathy”:
Senate Bill (HR3590): Sec. (g)(1)(B)(i) [p. 1038, lines 15-16], and
Sec. 775(c)(1)(B)(ii) [p. 1322, line 6]
House Bill (HR3962): Sec. Sec. 3101(4)(10) [p. 1669, line 11]

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