Friday, February 11, 2011

All Your Base are Belong to Us, Inc.

To recap: Paul Haaga Jr. and a few other guys are the boss of a company called "Capital Research Management" that owns 843 companies worth about:

$ 5 2 3 , 7 3 4 , 3 6 1 ,0 0 0 . 0 0 ! ! 

Oh below are the other dudes, copypasta'd from here:
The Undersigned do hereby appoint James P. Ryan, Liliane Corzo and Angela Mitchell, and each of them, acting singly, with full power of substitution, as the true and lawful attorney of the undersigned, to sign on behalf of the undersigned in respect of the ownership of equity securities deemed held by the undersigned, Capital Research and Management Company, blah blah blah...

Capital Research and Management Company
Name: Paul G. Haaga, Jr.
Title: Vice Chairman

American Balanced Fund, Inc.
The Growth Fund of America, Inc.
The Income Fund of America, Inc.
Fundamental Investors, Inc.
Name: Patrick F. Quan
Title: Secretary

American High-Income Trust
The Bond Fund of America, Inc.
Name: Kimberly S. Verdick
Title: Secretary

American Funds Insurance Series
The New Economy Fund
SMALLCAP World Fund, Inc.
Name: Chad L. Norton
Title: Secretary

AMCAP Fund, Inc.
American Mutual Fund, Inc.
Capital Income Builder, Inc.
Capital World Growth and Income Fund, Inc.
EuroPacific Growth Fund
The Investment Company of America
New Perspective Fund, Inc.
New World Fund, Inc.
Name: Vincent P. Corti
Title: Secretary

Washington Mutual Investors Fund, Inc.
Name: Michael W. Stockton
Title: Vice President, Treasurer and Assistant Secretary

I feel that we should tell Mr. Haaga that he won the game already. Although, maybe he's not actually "the decider." I dunno exactly how big money stuff works. If anyone can explain, thx.

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