Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I cannot breathe

So we have to learn this touchy feely protocol for intervening with violent patients called the Mandt System. The person who developed this system runs amusement parks, I think.

From the bio of David Mandt on the Mandt System website, I don't see any evidence that Mandt understands the primitive and disordered social boundaries of the chronically mentally ill.

Hugs don't work. Sorry. GTF back to the 1970s, hippy.

Here this bit is from Mandt's "Culture of Dignity and Respect" page:

Peter Breggin was one of the founders of the CCHR. He has written books arguing that childhood mental disorders are largely myths and Ritalin is poison. I'm told he shows up in those scary movies like "Psychiatry: Industry of Death" and "Making a Killing." I'm not sure though because I'm too weak to Google and I've repressed the few memories I have of those flicks.

Did you note Breggin's role on the Joint Commission? How did he...  How does that even...  WTF.

I am told that the Joint is making us do this Mandt thing.

The guy running the Joint right now is Mark R. Chassin, M.D., M.P.P., M.P.H. He also runs something new called, "Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare."

Anything with "transform" in it is usually some rich wanker's effort to make me more morally obedient to his or her mysterious personal delusion. But like I said I haven't done any research into this, so I dunno.

I could Google all the names associated with these organizations and do more e-detective work, but fuck. I'm just one tiny titmouse. Even if I figure out why nothing makes any sense anymore, nethin I can do 'bout it.


  1. "something new they made up"

    New? Sounds like operant conditioning with a focus on positive reinforcement to me. How's that new?

    Mebbe I am missing something though.

  2. Eh? Oh too fast for me. People keep coming in this room and asking me questions while I'm trying to fix this fragmented crappy blog entry.

    The new part is the "Joint Comission for Tranforming Healthcare." Used to be just a stamp-of-approval organization. Now they also will "transform" us.

  3. Oh dear, as I said, poor lil titmouse.

    Keep truckin' dude, that's all you can do at times.