Monday, May 19, 2008


I fell and broke the scaphoid bone in my right wrist yesterday while doing yard work. Typing and mousing is a bitch. So I won't be as active on teh web tubes for a while.

I might pick up one of those voice recognition programs. Any suggestions?


  1. Ouch! About two years ago I had a small wreck with my bike and busted my arm (broke the head off the radius, in fact), and found out how interesting it can be to type with just one hand. I hope you recover quickly!

    Re voice-recognition programs, one of my colleagues uses (and highly recommends) a program called Dragon Naturally Speaking. He is a complete luddite, so if he can use it, anyone can. The company that developed it is Nuance, who are also the makers of the best optical character reading program (Omnipage) on the market; I've been using that for years now and it really is a good product.

    So I don't have any first-hand recommendations for you, but a second hand-testimonial that seems quite positive! Get better fast!

  2. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that! Broken bones are no fun! So far, I've broken my right fibula in half and a couple of weeks ago, my "baby" toe on my right foot. So much for the left side being "sinistral". Anyway, I hope you have a swift recovery. I don't have any idea about any voice recognition programs, but I hope you find one or learn to type with your left hand as I will be very bored at work without your blog to read!

  3. Sorry to hear about your accident. Get well soon!

    I occasionally have bouts of tendonitis in my wrists, which requires immobilizing the hand with a brace. An opposable thumb is a terrible thing to lose, even temporarily. The other mammals don't know what they're missing.

    Voice recognition is so yesterday; you should go with a computer-brain interface. Just make sure you've got a capable fire wall in place, or the hackers will have you blogging about how to access the riches of the Nigerian government.

    Also, I am not a Thetan; most definitely an SP!

  4. Hope things heal OK. I read your comments on regarding motorcycles. I have friends who work in hospitals, and for decades there has been a term used to describe motorcycle riders... "donors".

  5. "I have friends who work in hospitals, and for decades there has been a term used to describe motorcycle riders... 'donors'."

    Funny you should mention that; I have friends who work in hospitals as well. And for decades we've all been riding motorcycles. ;)