Monday, May 5, 2008

Ye Olde Sweets

Once upon a time, there was a candy factory making something called "Ye Olde Sweets." Over 90% of the candies were fairly good. A few made certain people sick, and occasional pieces caused a strange reaction in some that resulted in an irrisistible urge to kill someone.

Then a new factory sprang up that made something called Reason's Pieces. It was tasty stuff. Absolutely no mass murders in any box.

Sadly, many chocolate lovers had grown attached to Ye Olde Sweets and resisted making a change. They pointed to all the delicious bon bons that never did anyone any harm. They were angry with the Reason's Pieces supporters, who "want to condemn all Ye Olde Sweets confections, when only a very few cause any problems."


  1. You come up with the best analogies, srsly!

  2. Yay a visitor! Hands over a cuppa tea and a butter cookie.

    I'm not sure I have time to do this blog thing. We shall see.

  3. Hmm, another problem with 'Ye Olde Sweets' is that they come in old fashioned wrapping paper with no room for health warnings.

    This means that well-meaning (but often not very bright) fans of 'Ye Olde Sweets' tend to unthinkingly give them as presents to their diabetic friends and relatives.

    Thus causing seething but silent indignation. They are gifts, see.

    Would be impolite to give them back or ask for a book voucher instead...