Monday, May 5, 2008

Why Richard Dawkins No Debate Me?

Theist: Dawkins is in there, isn't he.
Reason: Yep.
Theist: Ask him to come out to debate me.
Reason: I'm sure he'd prefer for you to meet him inside.
Theist: Great! (steps toward door)
Reason: Hang on, where's your ticket?
Theist: I've got it.
Reason: Let me see it.
Theist: That's what the debate is for. I'll prove I have a ticket.
Reason: I'm not letting you in without a ticket.
Theist: Oh alright. Give me a second.... (pulls out a slip of paper) There you go.
Reason: This isn't a ticket.
Theist: Of course it is.
Reason: It says, "teeket."
Theist: Your point?
Reason: That's not a proper spelling.
Theist: (chuckles) Goodness, my young lad. Have you never been in love?
Reason: Eh?
Theist: Have you never felt an ocean breeze against your skin?
Reason: (lifts an eyebrow)
Theist: This thing you call "spelling" cannot contain the laughter of a child.
Reason: Oh, will you quit this wanking.
Theist: Look I gave you my ticket; let me in!
Reason: You made this using a crayon.
Theist: Philistine!


  1. Welcome to Blogland!

    Nice to see this posted somewhere more permanent than on an thread.... it's a hoot.

  2. Hi Steve! Thanks for stopping by.

    As I told Anna elsewhere, I'm not sure I have time for a blog. Right now it's a spot to keep little things I've written around the web, so I can easily find them.

    Your kitchen is fabulous.

  3. Of course it's fabulous - we are teh gays!

    Actually, I have no design skills at all, but my husband does, and I know what I like when I see it! (Now there is just the rest of the house to finish).

    I think this is a good use for a "blog". It prevents little gems like this from disappearing slowly into the depths of fora.