Monday, March 23, 2009

Integrative Medicine: Can We Truly Integrate Care?

My question: How do I collaborate with someone who feels vaccines are poison, autism is caused by thimerosal, and chelation is the answer?



  1. When I started practice some 40 plus years ago we had been taught an holistic approach to family medicine. As time has gone on, particularly in Canada, we have adopted a "cost effective" approach in which time allotment and cost play a huge role.
    I note that in this video no mention was made of "perception management". Present "holistic practitioners" have been expert at perception management. How many time have we heard the phrase "but it is natural so there is no harm in it"? Our Canadian SYSTEM has continually increased money towards perception management (of the system) on the backs of practicing physicians (who have ignored perception management) eg We must decrease the use of drugs since at least 20% of admissions to hospital are from drug related symptoms and overprescribing. True or not it places negative light on traditional medicine while little is said of interaction with "natural" medications.

  2. The MBAs are ruining the planet as we speak --e.g., Enron, derivatives, collateralized debt obligations, AIG. Harvard Business School has a lot to answer for.

    US physicians are to be paid on the basis of outcomes measures. Yet physicians have little control over outcomes in many clinical situations. So how is this supposed to work?

    You say drugs are killing people? The MBAs reply, cut back on the drugs.

    LOL wut Mr. MBA? This is why they pay you the big bucks?