Friday, March 27, 2009

Vitaminista Master Plan for World Domination

It's a 150 page PDF so clear your schedule: Bravewell-Harkin-Vitaminista master plan for world domination. My favorite bit from a table on page 12: Impact: IM [integrative medicine] is not fully accepted as equal but it is no longer seen as quackery; national research grants and studies on efficacy and science are quieting the critics.


Spirituality is a form of entertainment. I'm very pro-entertainment so the spirit-minded have nothing to fear from me. I merely hope for some small considerations:

1. That I not be taxed to fund my neighbor's amusing hobbies. Let him pay for his CAM from his own damn pocket.

2. That my neighbor's imagination not be made the boss of me. Government + spirituality = totalitarianism and I want no part of that.

As I read this Bravewell strategy paper, I suddenly felt suffocated by the boomer generation ahead of me. I know they're not all bad. But Jesus, so many seem oblivious to their own crappy taste in everything. I wish they'd stop trying to wallpaper the future with transformative moments.

People into creating their own reality by mutual agreement suck the dog's balls.


  1. Do I get this right? Universal medical care, a hallmark of civilised society, isn't available to Americans because its implementation would magically turn the nation into a bastion of stalinism, but tax-funded snake oil is considered fine and dandy.
    If that's the case, Bravewell is right after all - people do create their own reality, a very ugly one.