Saturday, March 14, 2009

Integrative Medicine: Just Like Medicine, Only Better!

In a previous post I explained my objection to "integrative medicine": if some CAM therapy works, why not prove it and so remove the need to "integrate" it with the set of proven therapies we call "medicine"?

Lately in my trolling runs 'round the intarwebs, I've noted a shift in the meaning of "integrative." Instead of the original meaning, "integrating conventional and alternative therapies," it appears in many contexts to mean, "integrating both mental and physical factors in our understanding of disease and wellness." The new science of integrative medicine is allegedly more wholistic and less reductionistic.

Alas, the Tufted Titmouse still must poop on "integrative," even though the newer spin is less irrational than the original definition. Why? Because "integrative" poops on Dr. Titmouse, and what goes around comes around.

Dr. Integrative, do you seriously believe that doctors didn't notice that patients had feelings and existential concerns before you came along and helpfully pointed that out?


Well then. Allow me to helpfully point out that you're a complete wanker.


  1. "even though the newer spin is less irrational than the original definition." Sounds like something from quantum mechanics papers I have been reading.

    That aside, I agree with you. The idea that "alternative" means "nicer, gentler, and with more concern for the patient's feelings" in contrast to conventional medicine is very offensive.