Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What If Other Parts Of Life Were Like Healthcare?

From Better Health.
The Grocery Store

Upon entering the grocery store, you notice something odd. There are very few different brands of items stocked on the shelves. Your choice is limited to only the brands that have struck the best deal with the grocery chain. These brands have to send the grocery store a large “rebate” check because they are carried exclusively in this store.

When you go to the meat counter and ask for some steak, the butcher asks you if you have first tried the ground beef. You may not purchase steak unless you have first tried and disliked the ground beef. The ground beef, of course, is actually ground turkey, but the butcher says that these two are basically interchangeable and so the substitution is permitted.

The grocer can’t post prices because all customers have different negotiated prices. Posting prices, in fact, would be considered collusion since other grocers could find out exactly what this grocer is charging. Some congressman in California decided that grocers are all crooks and should not be allowed to share what they charge for things.

You go to the cash register to pay. The total is $380, but the cashier informs you that your negotiated price is only $150. A poor person behind you has not had the chance to negotiate a price and so must pay full price for everything.

There are a few people in the store who don’t have to pay anything. They have had the price negotiated for them by the government, and so will come to the store very often. They sometimes come for real food, but are often coming for candy and cigarettes - all paid for by the government.

This experience leaves you more tired and confused, and so you decide to go home.

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  1. "The total is $380, but the cashier informs you that your negotiated price is only $150."

    A month later you get a bill from the grocery store saying that you owe $230.00 because they lost the receipt. You call them and send them a copy of your copy which they lose and, a month later, threaten to send your bill to a collection agency. You resend the receipt and they claim that your policy does not allow donuts or caffeinated coffee so they "adjust" your bill...yadda...yadda yadda...