Sunday, March 29, 2009

Magnet Power: Dirk's Accident

Not for the squeamish.

That Sunday night I placed one of them a bit in line with one of the others but still within a safety distance (I thought) !!!

When I rotated the magnet the other raised itself upwards due to the same poles. I know that I thought (ooops ... take care) and before I knew it the one that raised itself upwards turned around and within a split second the two magnets collided to each other with the top-part of my finger between them. Due to the brutal force my finger was splashed and pushed out between the magnets leaving skin and my complete nail between the two magnets. The collision was so strong that on the carpet I found only some drops of blood spread around the magnets. Like you smash a hammer on a frikandel (is a Dutch snack, a sort of minced-meat hot dog).


  1. I don't think "ouch" quite covers it somehow

    Bloody hell that's harsh!

    I have shut my finger in the car door before, that was really painful, but this is nasty, owwwww.


    My deepest sympathy for Dirk

    The word verification for this post is "Pressee!

  2. ow.

    I cut the end of my thumb off in high school. My hand slipped as I was bringing down one of the giant paper cutters, caught my thumb. Down to the bone, but didn't get the bone. Blood everywhere. The other student with me fainted. I grabbed something and put pressure on it, walked over to the school nurse, who almost fainted when I showed her. She drove me around the corner to the medical center, my dad was waiting with his buddy, the hand surgeon. They looked and sighed with relief, no surgery. It grew back pretty well, no one can tell.

    It hurt like a son of a gun at the time.

  3. Shite! That made for a flashback to my own, much less nasty accident with a home-made electromagnet that merely fractured my finger.